Practices resume August 9

Practices will resume on Thursday, August 9, from 18.45 – ca 20.30 at Södra Sunderbyn IP. New players welcome for both our JUNIOR team (12-16) and SENIOR team (17 and older), although primary focus will be on building and working with our junior team. Dress for the weather and bring both a water bottle and mouth guard (tandskydd). You can borrow helmet and shoulder pads at each practice. OBS: Practice on Thursday, September 13  is moved to Wednesday, September 12, same time (18.45 – ca 20.30).

Final Practice Before Summer Break

The final practice for the Eskimos will be on Thursday, June 21, 18.45-20.30. The team then takes a break and will resume practices at the same time on Thursday, August 9.

Eskimo Practices Now OUTDOORS on THURSDAYS!!!

PRACTICES NOW OUTDOORS – ON THURSDAYS!!! Starting on April 26, the Eskimos will now be practicing out at Södra Sunderbyn IP on Thursdays from 18.30-20.30. Focus will be on JUNIOR players (ages 12-16), with senior players both helping out with this and getting some reps in to prepare them for playing with other teams this season. FULL PADS and make sure you dress for the weather; bring a water bottle; and always have your mouth guard (tandskydd).

Practices at Arcus THRU April 17…

The Eskimos will continue to practice, from January 9 thru APRIL 17, on TUESDAY evenings indoors at Arcus. JUNIOR players (ages 12/13 – 16/17 – age of starting/ending depends on what the coaches think you are ready for) from 18.15-20.00; SENIOR players (ages 17/18 and older) from 18.15-20.30.  Additional practice times (on weekends), at different locations in Luleå, will become available as well (announced in Eskimo ”Locker Room” on Facebook). OBS: Water bottle and mouth guard (tandskyldd) are always required!  We have limited helmets and shoulder pads to loan out.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all players, both juniors and seniors, order and pay for their own helmet!

DECEMBER practices…

The Eskimos will have joint practices at ARCUS in Luleå, for both junior players (ages 12/13 – 16/17) and senior players (ages 17/18 and older) on December 12 and 19 and NOW on January 3 (so NO practice on December 27). These practices are from 18.15-20.00 for Junior players and 18.15 – 20.30 for Senior players.  These are HELMET ONLY practices. Bring water bottle and mouth guard (tandskydd)!

Eskimos take a break…

The Luleå Eskimos will now be taking a break from practices during October-November. While the junior team, with their new coaches, might continue with some practices during this time, the senior team will be having NO practices. We start up again in December with indoor practices at Arcus (more info later in November)…

Team Banquet on December 9

All players from the 2017 season, both senior team and junior team players, should mark their calendars for the evening of SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 for the 2017 Eskimo Awards Banquet — a great way to celebrate our 2017 season and ”launch” into 2018. Those awards voted on by players, ballots will be available and voting will take place during the month of October. More specific info about the team banquet will be available sometime in November.  For now, reserve the evening of December 9!

FINAL few practices in September

The final few practices now in September, Tuesdays from 18.45-20.30 is for ALL players, junior and senior, NEW and existing players. These practices will take place weather permitting, meaning if heavy rain or thunderstorms then no practice! At our final practice on September 26 we will be having what we refer to as, ”cleaning day,” when we clean out the indoor and outdoor förråds and play some ”basket” to end things (so no pads, but return all equipment). If it looks like there is a risk for bad weather, then we will do this at the practice the week before on September 19.

Practices in August-September

The Eskimos will have OPEN (”prova-på”) PRACTICES, which means open to new players wanting to check the sport out, as well as for existing junior team (12-16) and senior (17 and older) players. You MUST have a mouth guard (tandskydd) and water bottle at all practices if you want to participate. Practices will be on Tuesdays, 18.45-20.30 at Södra Sunderbyn IP. OBS: If heavy rain or thunderstorms, there will be no practice!

Eskimos take summer break

The Eskimos will take a break from the week of Midsummer through the end of July. We still have access to 1/3 of the field at Södra Sunderbyn IP on Tuesdays during this time for any players, juniors or seniors, who want to work out together. OBS: No coaches/whistles means no pads/no contact! Regular practices for both junior and senior team players begins again on Tuesdays, starting August 1 through the end of September, weather permitting (OBS: No practice on Tuesday, August 8 due to field being used for soccer match).

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