Välkommen till Luleå Eskimos AFC

Luleå Eskimos är Sveriges nordligaste och ”kyligaste” bidrag till den svenska ”football”-scenen. Seniorlaget (18+ åringar) spelar i Division I Norra.  Vår juniorverksamhet arbetar för att få igång ett fungerande lag för 13-17 åringar, vilket kommer att vara en viktig byggsten i en väl fungerande förening. Välkommen in att förkovra dig på Eskimos sidor på nätet!

Moving OUTDOORS on April 20

Starting Wednesday, April 20, we will be practicing outdoors at Södra Sunderbyn IP. JUNIOR team players (ages 12-16) will be practicing on Wednesdays (onsdagar) from 18.30-19.45; the SENIOR team players (ages 17 and older) will be practicing on Wednesdays (onsdagar) from 18.30-20.45. Dress for the weather. We cancel practice only if there are flooding problems on the field (due to heavy rain) or if there are thunderstorms in the area or moving into the area.  Water bottle and mouth guard (tandskydd) are required!

TRYOUTS for Eskimos now closed

We allow NEW players (to the sport of American football) to ”try out” for the Eskimos from January – March. After March 31, trying out and giving the sport a try is ”closed” for the Eskimos. Players who have experience with the sport from other teams (in Sweden or in other countries) are welcome to join us at any time. Contact Head Coach Tim Foster at eskimocoach@gmail.com for more info.

Final practice at Arcus on April 13

Our final INDOOR practice at Arcus will be on Wednesday, April 13, kl. 17.45-19.30. OBS: We will be using a portion of the practice to actually practice. But the final part of it will be used to (a) Pack up EVERYTHING at Arcus; (b) Transport it and organize things out at Södra Sunderbyn IP. BRING YOUR CAR/VAN/TRUCK if possible!!!  Plan on helping to move equipment to Sunderbyn until at least 20.00-20.30.

ARCTIC BOWL – April 2, 2016 – ARCUS!

The Eskimos, ”Arctic Bowl 2016″ will be at Arcus on Saturday, April 2, with teams from Sweden, Norway and Finland participating. Arcus opens at 16.00, with locker rooms available starting at 16.15. Games start at 17.30 and finish around 21.30. Free entry to anyone wanting to come and watch!

”Arctic Bowl 2016″ – April 2 at Arcus

The Luleå Eskimos, both senior and junior players, will be a part of our ”Arctic Bowl” on Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 17.00-21.00 (locker rooms open at 16.15) at Arcus in Luleå. The Eskimos will be hosting teams from Sweden, Finland, and hopefully Norway for this historic event for the sport of American football in northern Sweden. More info coming soon…

”ESKIMO PLAYER DAY” on February 21

We wil be having an ”ESKIMO PLAYER DAY” on February 21: For current players, we will have an ”Eskimo Player Day” on Sunday, February 21 at Hotell Nordkalloten in Luleå, kl. 10.00-18.00. Lunch and fika will be provided (there is no cost to current Eskimo players). We will be preparing for our season; going through playbook; having some fun. ”Anmäl” ONLY by posting to this post that you ARE coming (do NOT post that you are not coming — ONLY if you are coming). This is for Senior team and Junior team players!!!

PRACTICES for February and March

PRACTICES DURING FEBRUARY-MARCH: We will continue to have practices on Wednesdays at Arcus, from February 3 – March 9. The STARTING time is a bit earlier, so we are practicing from 17.45-19.30. OBS: If you can get there at 17.45 (or even 17.30), get the förråd where our equipment is unlocked and start to get dressed in pads for practice (we get the field from 18.00-19.30). If you can’t get there right at 17.45 due to work, school, or parents’ schedules, then just get there as soon as you can! The first coach or ”player/coach” there, please get the team in pads — we can warm-up out on ”Del A” starting at 18.00.


We will continue on Wednesdays at Arcus. From January 13-27 we practice from 18.00-19.30 (”Del A” of Arcus). Please be ON TIME so we can use every minute of our practice time. Bring mouth guard (tandskydd) and water bottle.


PRACTICES IN DECEMBER: Please fix your schedules to be at the following practices in December, indoors at Arcus here in Luleå. HELMETS only. Bring water bottle and mouth guard (tandskydd):
2/12: 19.00-21.00
9/12: 19.00-21.00
16/12: 19.00-21.00

Final Practice on September 30

If the weather cooperates, we will try again for our final ”Städning & Cheeseburger” practice on Wednesday, September 30, kl. 18.00-19.30, Södra Sunderbyn IP. NO pads necessary — we will be cleaning out the ourdoor förråd, eating some cheeseburgers, and playing some ”basket”. Post on our Facebook page or e-mail to eskimocoach@gmail.com with what you want to eat: ”Cheeseburger or Hamburger”; then ”Coke or Fanta”?

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